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This journey is for you if you are:

Overwhelmed and exhausted from dealing with the daily family routine.

With your current career and gare looking for a change (but maybe you don’t what that is).

Emotionally drained, facing conflicts in personal and/or professional relationships.

Feeling like a fraud, as if you don’t deserve to be happy, and paralyzed from trying something new.

Feeling lonely and out of place. It’s a sensation as if the country you’re in isn’t truly your home.

I have personally identified myself with many of these pains. And I know how challenging it is to go through them alone.

Discover how my services can transform your life!

I’m here to show you that it’s possible to live a full and fulfilled life, as you deserve.


Individual, personalized services to assist you in overcoming emotional challenges, finding clarity, and developing skills to navigate life's hardships.

Career Mentoring

Individual, personalized service to assist you in exploring your professional potential, defining goals, and a plan to achieve success in a career and lifestyle that bring you happiness


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Fernanda Duran

I am a psychologist, graduated from Universidade Federal da Bahia in Brazil, specialized in people and change management and additional training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. With over 15 years experience in organizations, I have worked extensively with human development, global project leadership, and continuous improvement areas.

In addition to my organizational career, for the past4 years, I have been running my own company as a psychotherapist and career mentor. Having spent 8 years living in Germany and being the mother of Theo, born in November 2022, I have firsthand experience as an immigrant and a mother abroad.

My time as an immigrant, combined with the experience of motherhood in a foreign environment, uniquely positions me to understand the challenges and benefits of living outside our home country. Since returning from maternity leave, I have chosen to focus my work on supporting immigrant women, whether mothers or not, to become their best versions. My mission is to help them implement healthy changes in their new lives abroad.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Psychotherapy is a treatment process led by a trained psychologist to help individuals deal with emotional, behavioural, and interpersonal challenges through conversations and specific techniques. It provides a safe and confidential space where people can explore their thoughts and feelings to promote positive changes in their lives.

Career mentoring is aimed at individuals seeking guidance and support to in  their professional journeys. This includes those wishing to transition or transitioning to a new career, those who wish to explore new professional opportunities, or understand their next stepin their current careers. Career includes career goals setting, skills and strategy development to achieve professional success.

In career mentoring, activities such as identifying skills and interests, defining professional goals, career planning, skills development, networking, and transition management are addressed. The goal is to help individuals achieve career success and satisfaction through guidance and support, maximising their potential and achieve their career goals.

In career mentoring, aspects such as identifying skills and interests, defining professional goals, career planning, skills development, networking, and transition management are addressed. The goal is to help individuals achieve career success and satisfaction by offering guidance and support to maximize their potential and achieve their career goals.

To book a session, please contact me directly via WhatsApp or email stating your availability and preferred time slots. Someone from my team or I will respond promptly to confirm your appointment. I am available and eager to work together with you on your journey of self-knowledge and personal growth.

Currently, services are offered exclusevely online, following Brazil’s Federal Psychology Council (CFP) nº 04/2020 regulations, which enables remote sessions, allowing more flexibility to deliver our services.

If you reside in the city of Nuremberg, Germany, and are interested in in-person sessions, feel free to reach out. I am evaluating therapeutic spaces and considering the possibility of providing face-to-face sessions in the near future.

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